Saturday, January 30, 2010

SX Bass Project Complete

Complete bass. I am happy with the results. Looks good and sounds great. A couple issues came up along the way, but were easily resolved. For one, the stock bridge holes were too small for Thomastik Infeld strings, so I switched with an old Carvin/Hipshot bridge from my spares. Another minor issue is the stock control knobs do not fit the CTS knurled shafts. They only fit the stock odd-shaped pots. The knurling count and shaft diameter differed from the pot typically seen on instruments. Here is a complete list of mods:
1. new black acrylic pickguard drawn by me and laser cut at Ponoko, w/ copper sheilding
2. Dimarzio DP 122 pickups (cream!)
3. CTS pots and orange drop capacitor
4. strat style knobs from spares
5. Carvin/Hipshot bridge from spares
6. t-shaped string tree from spares
7. reshaped headstock
8. Thomastik Infeld JF344 flatwound

Some day I may remove the orange tint on the neck. Citrus Strip awaits under the kitchen sink.

A crude comparison. When I got the bass I took it apart before taking photos, so here is a perspective-corrected photo from the Rondo website. Unfortunately it does not give a true sense of the sunburst.

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