Saturday, January 9, 2010

SX Bass Project Part 1 - introduction

Given the current economic times, I have decided to take on an economical project. I have fantasized about getting a big bonus and paying off credit cards and buying a new Nordstrand vP, which I hope to check out at NAMM next weekend. But... OK. Back to reality.

Here is the bass as it arrived. Or rather, as it looked a few hours after it arrived. The sunburst is much nicer than what is seen on the Rondo site. I think I'll leave it.

When I did the plugged-in out-of-box test, I noticed the bass side pickup was weak and hollow - and sensitive to touch noises like tapping the body. At first I thought there was a short between coils and magnet, but then I realized there must be movement allowed between the magnet and coil - thus creating a microphone. Sure enough, the magnet had popped off the back of the pickup. Oh well. Wasn't planning to keep the stock PUs.

Anyway, here is a short list of the modifications planned (at the moment):
1. replace pickguard w/ black - see part 2
2. re-shape the headstock - see part 3
3. replace the pickups with Dimarzio DP122
4. replace the electronics (sans tone?)

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