Saturday, January 9, 2010

SX Bass Project Part 4 - reshaping the headstock

First step is to mark the tuner. I used a Sharpie, which is not all that permanent on shiny surfaces. Just enough to do the work.

Pre surgery. Don't be scared little guy.

Sketching the shape before working is VERY helpful.

Difficult to see here, but I chopped off the shark nose with a dovetail saw.

Progress shot. I sanded the gradually. I used 80 grit to shape. Yes, it took a long time. Then 100 to work out the kinks in the curve. Finally I sanded with 320 to removed sanding marks and to ease the edges.

I saved the tip for testing the finish.

I used Watco danish oil to match the vintage tint of the stock finish. It is still a bit too light. I may buy "oak" tinted polyurethane. For now, I will work with what I have around the garage. I may decide to just spray a coat of clear gloss polyurethane over the oil if I can get the tone right.

Wake up. It's all over for now.

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  1. I like it.

    I am googling to see the possibilities for the new headstock mods.